Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Countdown Begins...40 Days to 40

Day One 

I'm gonna be 40. In like, 40 days. It's looming ahead of me, but no longer in the far off distance. 40 is the age I thought I would be a grown up. That I would have it all together, that I would finally know what I was doing. I thought that once I turned 40, I would have it all figured out and would have some goals accomplished. Not big, life size goals, like getting married and having children. Personal goals, like losing the weight I have added ever since I was pregnant with my first baby. Like getting my life in order, finances, making decisions. I wanted to be writing, and volunteering, and helping people. I wanted to have a certain amount of dignity and grace. I wanted to know that God and I were solid.  I wanted to be great at 40. I wanted to have that moment when you realize you've got things figured out, and you can just cruise on from there.

Me and baby meg - I was 20!
Well, this may come as a shock to some of you, but I so don't have it all figured out.  I feel like there are so many things I haven't done. I want to be the best mom, the best wife, the best daughter, sister, friend. I know that these are not always realistic goals, but I wanted to be what I though it meant to be FORTY. So, I have a plan:
For the next forty days, I want to fulfill one goal for myself. I'm not just talking about a diet or a great haircut, though I don't want to exclude those things, because, let's face it...I am a wee bit vain. It doesn't show, because I haven't let it for like...(how old is Meg?) 20 years, but I am. I want to look good, feel good, do good and be good. I want to accomplish something everyday that will...God willing...become a habit. I want to be the best to myself, because more often than not, I don't bother to be the best to myself. I want that to change. Not in a selfish way (entirely), but in a way that makes me a better me for everyone I love.
Wedding - I was 24!
The first of these goals is to post something on here, this space I truly love, but leave abandoned, neglected and alone on a regular basis. I want to put a post here every day for the 40 days, starting today. Everyday I will post my goal, and whether or not I succeeded in fulfilling it.
I think I was maybe 32 here?
This is for me, the 19 year old idiot who never thought she would ever have to be 40. The 29 year old who still lives in me to this day and can't believe she's  actually 30. And the 39 year old who is, in all actuality, perplexity and confundity, about to turn 40 - and I wanna totally rock 40.  Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it. 

Goal for Day #2 - Bring Some Unexpected Joy to Someone's Day

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