Friday, February 11, 2011

Count Down to 40 - Day 9

It's just past midnight, and I  just sat down after running around all day long. It's been one of those crazy but fun days. A day where I met some goals, and totally blew a couple off - which is the way I tend to treat life anyway. I kind of like the fly by the seat of my pants thing I have had going the last 39+ year. I like getting an idea in my head and just going with it. So today, we got very little school done, but we did some, and since we spend most every day, all day long, doing school, I am definitely okay with that. I didn't do any exercising or stretching or yoga of any kind this morning. I am a little bummed about that, but honestly, I just forgot. I did play on the floor with babies, and chased Yeb back and forth through the living room, because it makes him scream and laugh. I fed them breakfast and rushed through school because I had a plan. We were going to go to my moms, then Target. How much more fun does it get than that? (Editor's note: upon rereading, I am a little sad that this qualifies in my mind as spontaneous. A post on that coming!)

We did school, had a late lunch and I told the kids to help the little guys; Luke, Ben and Yeb get dressed while I showered. It should be noted that my Kenzie was not home  - she is my right hand. I came out of the shower and all the little guys were dressed, save socks and shoes. I found Ben's shoes. And Yeb's. That left just Luke. I was tearing through his room, trying to find his shoes, when I realized I didn't even know what I was looking for. I asked him where his sneakers were, and he told me "Wellll, I don't know what they wook wike, so I can't find 'em". So, I am getting mad, as I tend to do when I have one of my shoe/sock/sweater/perfect outfit/whatever freak outs. I am running through the inventory in my head, trying to picture what his shoes look like. Ah! The white Nikes with a red and black swoosh! But wait, the last time I put those on him, we couldn't get them on his feet. Plus, it's been all snowy, so he's been wearing boots. Boots! Ugh - I just threw them away because the were SO. GROSS. They had been passed down from Jonah and I just tossed them a few days ago wheeeennnn? Ah yes, when he tried to wear them to church and I had another mini freak out over the whole "find the church shoes" thing. So, okay the kid has no shoes other than his church shoes which are also really too small. This requires some digging into my "grow into" boxes. I finally found a pair of sneakers in the right size. I was so excited, I pulled them out and THEY HAD NO LACES! So, frustration and my level of near freak out is at a dangerous level. Why, oh why would anyone take the laces out? Well, it was Kolbe, I am sure. For a while there, he kept tying laces and strings and jump ropes together and tying all the doors in the upstairs together. Weird, right? I had forgotten all about it until I found the laceless sneakers.

To make an already way too long story even longer, I had to find laces before we could leave. I dug through junk drawers (well, Doug's one junk drawer in the kitchen) and came up with a pair of perfectly white shoe laces to go in the dark gray and black sneakers. They just screamed "hit me, I am a dork!", but it was now past 4:30 and if we were going to go, we needed to go. We finally got to my mom's about an hour after I planned to be there. But you know what? It all felt kinda good. The rushing. The getting out of the house. The mad dash to get everyone dressed and ready. We used to do it two or three days a week - go to Canton and see everyone. I never minded the mad dash. I like flying by the seat of my pants - I actually miss the opportunity to do it more. We are so tied down with work and school, and children, that spontaneity just isn't in the cards most days.

We were all so happy to be out of the house, the kids were happy, I was happy. We went to my mom's and then decided to go tour the new house that my brother and his wife are almost done building. The kids ran through the big, empty house for a while, hugging cousins and laughing - happy to be together unexpectedly.

Before we came home we made a late run through Target - Mecca to both me and the kids. We LOVE us some Target. Something for everyone. We shopped for birthday presents, cereal, and some other necessities. But, did I buy Luke some shoes? Some shoe laces, perhaps - to replace the dorky white laces that will drive me crazy? NOPE.  I thought about it, and promptly forgot before we even left the store.

So my goals for the day? Shot all to heck, though I really didn't sit down all day. And I think I was nice. I didn't scream or yell about the shoes, or socks, or anything. We had a really fun day - a spontaneous day. A day that felt like me. The girl who doesn't like schedules or dates or times. I follow the rules, don't get me wrong. I just do it all in my own time. And on a day like today, I am okay with that.

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