Monday, September 26, 2011

A Post, Of All Things...

Anyone out there? Hello? Is this thing on? You mean, no one is here because I have been so full of neglect that this little blog sees absolutely no traffic? Shocking. I click onto the dashboard nearly every day. I think of things I need and want to write about all the time. The problem? Energy. I just don't have a lick of it these days. The thought of doing anything that is not absolutely required has just been more than I was willing to deal with, sadly.
BUT, I seem to have turned a corner! Yay - As of this weekend, my second trimester started, and all that over whelming fatigue and nausea lifted. I feel much more normal, thank goodness! My poor kids. They have been lacking in clean laundry and real food when their dad is at work. Got caught up this weekend, finally.

So...on with the post and off with the whining. We are pregnant, which most people probably know, with identical twins due in March. This was sort of a shock, and sort of not at all surprising. The night before I took a pregnancy test, I had a dream. I was praying, and asking God for just one more little girl. He and I started chatting, and I said, laughing, "Actually, if you could make it red haired twin girls, so that they would always have a sister near their own age, that would be great!" and God replied in the dream, "Alright, alright, twin red headed girls! Now QUIT BUGGING ME FOR STUFF, ALREADY! I have already blessed you so abundantly!".

When I woke up in the morning, I didn't really remember much of the dream, it was just there in the back of my mind, and I sort of laughed. Later, realizing that my cycle had gone l day longer than it ever had before, I decided to take a test. I was FLOORED when I saw those two pink lines. Truly. I know you will think that's crazy, given the number of children we have, but I was. We had determined that we were done having babies, for a number of reasons. We made it a whole two years, which we had never done before...not that we had ever actually tried.

We made an appointment with an OB right away, as I was on the hunt to find one that would let me have a VBAC. During our first appointment, I had an ultrasound because I have had a previous ectopic, so they always do an early scan to be sure the baby is where it is supposed to be. When the tech scanned over the baby, I could see right away, even though it was super early, that something was different. I started talking the same time the tech did... we were both seeing more than one baby. It was startling, for sure. One gestational sac, with two little tiny babies inside it. Sitting in the waiting room, waiting to see the nurse practitioner, I had a fit of hysterical laughter. I could not get the giggles to stop. Doug was just sort of in shock. Twins! I just remember that dream...and knew it was true, even though the tech was not 100% sure what she was seeing, so we went in two weeks later to repeat the ultrasound. Sure enough, two little babies!

Now, we still don't know if they are girls or not, and of course have no idea about hair color...but really, how could they be anything else? Now to figure out husband REALLY wants Priscilla. What do ya'll think? I kinda really don't like it, but he's kind of awesome, and has wanted it for years. Priscilla Grace, and we would call her "Rissa". Hmmm. And we still need another name...and boys names, just in case...
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