Friday, October 16, 2009

Kenzie Rosie

I have a beautiful daughter named Mackenzie. She is twelve, you know, the 12 going on 25 sort of 12. She is all about drama and long sighs and getting frustrated easily. She thinks her feet are too big and her hair is too long and poofy. She has what I call "teenager eyes".  She does not see herself the way she actually is. What I see when I look at my daughter is a beautiful young girl, working hard, and succeeding at becoming a beautiful young lady. She has a big laugh that makes you want to laugh with her. She is very, very 12, so she is a little whiney and hormonal, but she knows it and is able to laugh about it when you call her on it.

Mackenzie is helpful and kind, and her heart is for the Lord. She wants people to be happy, and is like my right arm most days. It's hard when she's not here, not because I miss the help, but because I miss the girl who makes me laugh, gives me a hard time about doing the dishes, and yells at her brothers, but has a heart as deep as the ocean.

Where did the little girl go, who was so beautiful that people would often stop and complement her looks? I was always tempted to say yes, she is lovely, but she is smart and funny and kind! When people look at her now, I know they still see a pretty young girl, but I hope they look past that to see the goodness, the kindness and the heart that breaks for her sisters or friends whenever they are sad. I hope they see the very articulate young lady who has a lot to say, but usually knows of what she speaks. I hope they see just a little of what I see when I look at her.

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