Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kid Quirks

Everyone loves to hear about your kids' quirks, right? I mean, they are just as cute and funny to the guy at the desk next to you, as they are to you! Right? Right!
Well,we are raising a pack of little weirdos, this is just the tip of the ice burg, ya'll...

1. Meg (now 20!) never wears matching socks. Ever. This started in second grade when they were having a mismatch day at school, and has never stopped. At first she just liked the silly aspect, but now she does it for the silliness, and sheer laziness. Or maybe she thinks it helps camouflage her strange, tree frog-like toes.
2. Caleb is inconsolable if he is not wearing long pants and long sleeves. He will moan and whine until you put long sleeves on, even if it is warm, but he will NOT tolerate socks or shoes. Weirdo.

3. Benjamin loves graham crackers and milk for a snack. Correction: Benjamin loves graham crackers IN milk for a snack. He crushes them up and puts them in the cup and eats the whole soggy mess like cereal.
4. Jonah sleeps folded up like an accordion. Legs folded up under his belly. When he's in bed he looks like a turtle under the covers.
5. Kolbe spends copious amounts of time perched like a hawk on a chest in our living room flapping his hands and making weird noises. No one knows what he is doing, but I think it is some kind of massive energy release. It's pretty funny, and he can't explain why he does it, but he does it daily.
6. Luke is our  normal child. Except for the fact that he is head over heels in love with his cousin, Lauren. He refuses to believe that he can't marry her someday, and spends a goodly amount of time planning out attempts to sneak kisses from her, "Because I wuv her, Mom, I just wuv her!" And there's the fact that he likes to dress up as super heroes. Not just any superhero, but usually a conglomeration of his current faves. In this photo I think he was CaptainBatTouristAmericanCamperMan. Awesome.
7. Jenna erupts into an evil giggle out of the blue every so often. She never knows why, or won't tell you, but believe me when I say it's weird, and a little creepy.
8. I've been wracking my brain to think of something quirky about Kenzie, but she's pretty normal, which I am sure she will take great offense to, so I will have to come up with something -


  1. So funny! I am sure you can come up with something quirky about Rosie. All I can think of is her obsession with Harry Potter - but obsession is pretty normal at her age.

  2. I think Rose has a quirk.. it is a good quirk, but still a quirk. I do not believe there are a lot of 14 year old kids out there who get upset about not having enough Jesus shirts.

  3. my quirk is probably all of my references no one gets-or that I seem as though I can't ever stop talking...I totally do need more Jesus shirts, though.

  4. Jesus shirts you shall have, my daughter. Who am I to deny a kid Jesus shirts when she asks for them?

  5. Funny! Yeah, my daughter has some odd quirks, too! I got a good laugh at how you described your children!


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