Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Please Pray for a Miracle for Sweet Regina Sweeney

 An update - I am so sorry to say that little Regina passed away a while ago. More info is on the FB page.
Lord God, ever caring and gentle,
we commit to your love this little one,
quickened to life for so short a time.
Enfold her in eternal life.

We pray for her parents
who are saddened by the loss of their child.
Give them courage
and help them in their pain and grief.
May they all meet one day
in the joy and peace of your kingdom. Amen.

A little while ago I posted a request for prayers for my son, Jonah, who is having some severe and undiagnosed leg pain. I mentioned that I knew it could be so much worse. I have been keeping this little girl, Regina Sweeney in my prayers for a couple of weeks now, ever since I heard her situation. She's 11 years old, something happened to her lungs through an incredibly bad bout of influenza. It's as if they are being destroyed. The doctors told her parents that there is no more they can do for her, so my friends and fellow prayer warriors, it is time to beg heaven for a miracle for this little one. Please, please join me in prayer for this little child.As her mother says constantly, Jesus, I trust in you!

St. Gerard, who, like the Savior, loved children so tenderly and by your prayers freed many from disease and even death, listen to us who are pleading for our sick child. We thank God for the great gift of our son (daughter) and ask him to restore our child to health if such be his holy will. This favor, we beg of you through your love for all children and mothers. Amen.

Almighty and eternal God, you are the everlasting health of those who believe in you. Hear us for your sick daughter, Regina,  for whom we implore the aid of your tender mercy, that being restored to bodily health, he may give thanks to you in your church. Through Christ our Lord.


  1. Definitely in our prayers here! May God give her strength and healing! And peace to her family!

  2. The Sweeneys are family friends of ours; thank you for your prayers! Are you from the Altoona area? That's where my husband's family is from, and where we lived until about a year ago. We're going up there this weekend for Easter. God bless you!

  3. HI Carrie,
    My whole family is from Johnstown. My cousin, Suzy Klose told me about Regina a couple of weeks ago, and I have been praying for her. When the doctors said they had done what they could, I decided to do a post to ask for prayers. I am so sorry for the loss of little Regina, though I know she is rejoicing in the arms of the Lord. I pray now for her family, her mom and dad, this has to be the hardest thing they have ever had to do. They seem to have amazing friends and family to lift them up, I am sure that has helped. Blessings to you~


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