Tuesday, April 19, 2011

He's on my heart right now

I have a little boy. He is actually starting to be a rather big boy, but to me he is just a little guy. My Jonah is 12 years old, and so far, has had a good bit to deal with, health wise. I know it could be so much worse, but a seizure disorder, along with some major dental work due to his medication, and now, he is having some sort of leg pain.
I took him to our doctor, and she pretty much ruled out growing pains. I know this isn't growing pains. We have nine kids, I have seen my share of growing pains. This pain is so intense that his legs often sort of buckle under him. He is in a lot of pain in the morning, and has been taking ibuprofen to help with it, but it is with him all day.
This has been going on for about a month. But my Jonah, who has been through so much, has barely complained. He has mentioned it a time or two, but he doesn't whine about it. He just goes about his day, and occasionally winces as he moves around. Watching him breaks my heart. He's such a trooper. We're going to get this figured out, but until it happens I am going to be nervous. I have been successful so far in avoiding Dr. Google. I know it will just scare me with things I don't have the strength to consider at the moment. Our doctor sent out blood work, and his neurologist is following it just to see if he needs to be referred to yet another specialist.
I hope and pray that I am being paranoid with my worry. I was praying for him and thinking about him during Mass on Sunday, and I had a sort of paralyzing fear come over me. I hope that this is just some manifestation of my general paranoia where this child is concerned. He is basically a healthy kid, who happens to have a seizure disorder, and takes meds to control the seizures. I have no reason to think this is anything major, but if I could ask for your prayers and good thoughts on his behalf, I would be grateful. I can't seem to shake the worry, and I have been busy telling myself that it is just because he has been through so much, and I never take this child's health lightly.
I used to be the kind of mom who didn't feel compelled to run to the doctor for every little thing. My Meg was pretty healthy, outside a some ear infections as a toddler. Then came Kenzie and her heart problems. Then Jonah and his seizures. When Jenna was born healthy and didn't end up in the NICU, I couldn't believe how blessed we were. I thanked God over and over for letting her be born healthy. Kolbe, Luke and Ben had uneventful births, though they all had medical issues of one kind or another later. Then my Yeb was born and had to be transported to a NICU in another town. All in all, 3of the 9 have been in the NICU,  7 of the 9 have required some sort of surgery. All have had some fairly major health issues requiring treatment, so I guess my paranoia is not so much paranoia as a "What's next?!" kind of attitude/fear. ( I tease my husband that we had better not check too carefully into our family history, with all the health issues, we are probably some kind of cousins. Kidding of course, but c'mon already!) But for some reason, Jonah is different. He has had more to deal with than the others. Through everything, he has always been great. Our dentist claims he is his favorite patient because he is good as gold for everything, tooth extractions, root canals, everything (his meds make his teeth decay), and is as sweet as they come.

So tonight my sweet Jonah is on my heart and in my prayers. I pray for his general well being, and that his pain is something treatable or something silly I have not thought of, and can be alleviated. I put my son's care and health into the Hands of the Lord. I know he truly belongs to Him, and that He will provide for my sweet son. I will also pray to Our Lady, she has been a special intercessor for me and my Jonah many other times, and I know she will take my prayers to her Son. She has protected and cared for this boy before, and I trust that she always will.


  1. My Joe. I love that kid. No matter what, he always gives me love. He, as always will be in my prayers.

  2. Do they think growing pains? I know my Doug had them so bad around age 12 that he'd wake us up in the middle of the night -- we did Motrin and I found some homeopathic tabs to give him also that seemed to help. And he's getting enough calcium & D? ...my thyroid medication leeches my bones of D -- I have to supplement religiously or my legs hurt at night. We just love Jonah and I hope and pray he gets more comfortable soon -- I know you worry about him - truly understandable! If there's anything we can do ever, let us know. Love ya!

  3. Poor Joe - I saw him stumble while he was playing one day and it just about broke my heart - he got right back up and kept on playing. He's such a trooper. He is definitely in my prayers.

  4. Thanks girls, for your prayers. I love you all so much!
    Denise, I hope it is growing pains, I would LOVE for it to be that, but neither doc seems to think it is. We'll see. Until then, I am going to make sure he is getting his vitamins. He doesn't really drink milk, I might have to force it on him! Thanks for the suggestion!


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