Sunday, February 14, 2010

Should I Be a Blogger?

Ever since I started this blog, I have not been too sure what I should share here, just in case it was ever actually read by humans. Do I write about the tough stuff, blended family issues, parenting issues that can be pretty personal, or do I just write the things I planned to, like stories about the kiddos, and the little triumphs and defeats we meet each day?

I read a number of blogs, they are mostly what people would term "mommy blogs", but these women (and 1 dude) are all so vastly different, that I really feel like their blogs are nothing alike. Many of them have some sort of personal tragedy attached to them, so I wonder, am I drawn to these blogs, or what? These particular blogs seem to have many, many readers, so I think perhaps it is just  a matter of human nature. We empathize. We want to offer sympathy and support.

So that leads me to wonder, am I too boring, what with my mostly healthy kids, happy marriage and stable home life? I mean, we are big, but nothing too out of the ordinary goes on around here. My Winter Wonderland post, I mean come on - boring! Totally true, but utterly boring. I do spend large portions of my day in complete bliss over these kids. But alas, bliss is boring.

There are other blogs where the moms tease about being lazy or grumpy or just crazy, and I read and am entertained, and I do realize that they are probably no where near as lazy or crazy as they make out, and I am probably right up there with them, but can I really show that part of myself for the sake of a blog?

I think a blog should be about truth, otherwise, what's the point? Who would spend time just blabbing out a bunch of lies? So I have to wonder, do I really have anything to say?

Just so this post is not completely narcissistic, here's a little plug for my awesome brother in law, who has taken many of the kid pics on this blog: check out the most recent photo shoot (not everyone got pics this time, though).


  1. Megan...
    Not sure exactly what happened to my comment, but I wrote one about two weeks ago. It went something a little like:
    I have my own little blog called Keeping up with the Kieta's. It's my own little escape to unload thoughts and opinions on aspects of life when I don't have anyone else to talk to, or no one else is available. No one has "signed-up" to be a follower yet, but that is okay. It bothered me at first, but I realized that I am NOT writing this blog for anyone else but me. I do it to clear my head and get things off my chest. It's a good way to resume "therapy...and cheap too!" LOL! But I used to try to impress other's with my writing because I read so many blogs andam impressed by many's ability to write and be able to have humor in their writing. I wanted to be able to do that. Then I realized... I have to be me. Don't try so hard, and let the writing come naturally. If I am funny, fine. If I am serious, whatever! If I am sad, sorry. If I am judgemenatal, get over it! I guess my point is, it's MY blog, and I can write it to suit ME! That is the beauty of your blog, it's YOURS! I LOVE your blog Megan. Because it's created by YOU! And there is only ONE you. You really are an amazing writer. Don't give up on your blog! And who knows, maybe someday, I'll get a follower!!! LOL. Shannon

  2. HI Shannon, I had a whole response written out to you, and realized I was not logged in and could not post as myself!
    Anyway, thanks for the encouragement, I needed it, and hate feeling so narcissistic.
    I thought I had followed you before, and went looking for you blog, and realized I must not have or something. In any case, it's funny, because I just 'followed' you yesterday!


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