Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Born Under A Lucky Star

Sometimes I think I have been too blessed. That somehow I was born under this lucky star. I have a beautiful marriage to a sweet, amazing man who has forgiven a rather nasty bout of Ebay addiction, among other things. We have all these beautiful, delicious kids who are for the most part, healthy, and happy. We are thriving.

We have a wonderful, supportive extended family who has been right there with us, through thick and thin. I have sisters. I cannot even begin to say what it means to me to have my sisters. They are my very best friends. This includes the fabulous girl my brother married. She feels like a sister to all of us. I think these girls deserve their own post, so I'll let it go at that - but just know I LOVE them!

My brother is of course, at one moment the typical brother, teasing, supportive, and all that, and the next moment, he is the boss man. He owns what can only be described as a family business, and we all work for the business. It is a web development firm, and we have been incredibly fortunate to have the business not only survive, but thrive during the economic downturn.

We have this incredible family, our parents have never, ever  not been there. They are usually our own 'first responders' to any joy or trauma. In many ways we had an idyllic childhood.

There are nearly 21 children in our family now, with the new babies that are on the way. It scares me a little. We have so, so much. They are all healthy,beautiful, amazing children.I love every single one more than I can say. It is almost too much for one heart to hold.
So with all of this, these many, many blessings, my cynical mind sometimes wonders how we can be so blessed. That maybe ours is coming. My mom says we have had our family tragedy,  her brother died in a bizarre accident at 31. It was horrible, and though I was very young, I remember it all very clearly. It was a tragedy. It was really bad, but in a way, we were very young and sort of removed. I pray, however, that she is right and that is the worst thing that ever happens.

I know that I wouldn't want to go through life without any trials or tribulations. And we've had our share. Kenzie was born with a congenital heart defect, and it was really, really scary for a while. She's since had surgery and is now very healthy. Jonah has a seizure disorder, and some learning disabilities, but we are handling those and he is doing very well. The other kids have had some odd thing here and there, some tubes in the ears, some minor surgeries. But overall, they are great.

So why do I sometimes feel as though I am waiting for the other shoe to drop? Is it possible to be too blessed? I know the Lord heaps His blessings upon those who trust in Him. I do trust in Him, and in Our Lady. The Blessed Mother has seen me through the worst moments in my life. I know she has asked her Son for favors on my behalf. I know the Lord will not send me anything I cannot handle, but I really, truly hope He does not think I am too strong. But, for now, I am going to revel in this feeling of having been born under a lucky star.


  1. Megan...
    You are defineately ONE lucky lady!! Those picture's are gorgeous! I envy you to have such a wonderful family. I am sitting here wiping tears away from my face as I type this, feeling sorry for myself as I have no siblings left. I lost my sister last Jan. to lung Cancer. It was a horrible ordeal that my family is stil shattered by. My brother and his only daughter and child are in prison. That is another story for another time. But just to put it mildly, drugs and alcohol can do a number on a family! It's so sad when I look back at pictures from Christmas's five. six years ago when we had everyone together. It was so carefree and everyone seemed to have taken it for granted. It sems like it fell apart it less than two years. My brother's 24 year marriage ended, he turned to drugs and alcohol after being clean for so many years. My niece followed his path. My sister was diagnosed with cancer a week after my daughter was born and gone in less than four months. It has been so hard these past few years. My mom has carotid artery disease and has several surgeries. I have hardly any famly left. It's me, my mom, and my dad. That's it! You are so lucky to have all those siblings and your mom and dad. Don't ever take it for granted. I know you don't. I Thank God every day for my healthy, happy children. It's what I cherish most in life.

  2. HI Shannon,
    I read a post on your blog about missing your sister. I won't even let my mind go there. Cannot imagine. I'm so sorry about your family, your brother and niece. It's so sad. I will keep your brother and niece in my prayers. Happy healthy children are what is most important and God's greatest blessings, for sure! Take care,
    Blessings, Megan

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