Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thoughts on Feminism...

I posted something about Roe V. Wade on Facebook the other day (because that never happens) and had a comment from someone that basically said "You asked for all this, be careful what you wish for." I responded that I hadn't wished for any of this.  That response got me thinking, though. What do I really feel about feminism? I know that I feel it got twisted and misunderstood. I know that it was used as a propaganda machine of radical "feminists" who pushed for things that most women never wanted. But, had I been born just a few years earlier, what would I have wanted out of the feminist movement? What would it have meant to me, as a woman, as a mother?

I think that feminism began with all the right intentions. Women are human beings  - equal to man in intellect, importance and worth. We have a right to certain things, voting, owning property, to not be regarded as property. I think if a woman is doing the same job as a man, in most cases she should make the same money. That is, if she is willing to work as hard as a man is willing to work.

Where I think feminism went all wrong was the sexual revolution. Making sex outside of marriage common place and celebrated diminished sex. It took the reverence away from the act. Add in the birth control pill, and now men are free to use women without consequence, and they have convinced women that that is a good thing. Add abortion into it, and not only do you have sex without children, but you have torn away from women what it IS to be a woman. To encourage, force, enable a woman to kill her own child? It is the same as ripping out her heart. Yet we as a society have done this so much that many women have turned their motherly instincts off. They have walled off their hearts to the truth that they hold deep down inside.

I think women actually hold a very special place in humanity, as do men. Women are by nature care givers, nurturers. Men are by nature  providers. We both have biological drives. To deny these biological drives is to diminish our very nature. Why shouldn't we embrace the gifts God has given us, so that we each perform our rolls to the best of our abilities? Now, I know that some men are better nurturers, and some women are career driven. Fine.. I actually happen to be married to a very nurturing man. And, I happen to like bringing in some of the money our family needs. However, I know for certain that my husband would never be happy being the sole care giver  - he needs to work, he needs to be the provider. Quite honestly, I just wouldn't look at him quite the same way if he wanted to stay home all day and I am sure he wouldn't quite know what to make of me if I suddenly decided I didn't want to stay with the kids and rock the babies and nurse and bake and all the other things mothers do.

I am just trying to say that men and women are different. Very, very different. The last 40 or so years of everyone trying to deny that are just ridiculous. Why aren't these differences celebrated? I am honored to have a gentlemanly husband who shovels walks for me, opens doors for me, carries heavy things for me (and ensures that our boys do these things) makes sure my car is gassed up and running properly. I am honored that he thinks I need to be taken care of in these ways. Women are special. We hold a special place in society. We are the gentler sex, and that's not a bad thing! I hope I am raising sons who think women are special. Who respect the intelligence of their mother, sisters and someday wives. Who know that women are worthy of their protection. Men who will defend their women under any circumstances. Men who appreciate all the gifts a woman will grace them with if they are treated properly and given the respect and admiration they deserve.

So what do I want from feminism? I want the world to acknowledge that women are good. We are special. We are intelligent creatures worthy of respect. We need the protection of men and know it. We appreciate it when we receive it, and remember it when we do not. We have soft hearts...the softest place reserved for the man who loves us, and for the children who come from that love.

I have a few words to say about the role of men in society - but I will save that for the next post...

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