Tuesday, January 22, 2013

40 Years of Roe...

I was up late the other night, nursing and rocking Miss Priscilla and flipping channels. I landed on some show that followed two women through pregnancy as they made adoption plans for their babies. I thought "Wow! These ladies are having their babies, choosing to give birth to them and place them with loving families." So, I watched.

The first mother was a young lady of 21. She had gotten pregnant with an ex-boyfriend who wanted to keep the baby, but she felt she wasn't ready to parent and talked him into giving the baby up for adoption.

The second mother was a 29 year old mother with a 4 year old son. She went through a bad break up, slept with a friend and became pregnant. She went right away for an abortion, but couldn't get one due to a shot she refused to have. She tried to "get rid" of her baby with herbal remedies, but the baby just "stuck". She then found out they were twins. She was rather put out at having to carry twins, but made an adoption plan for them  - most of her plan seemed to be about her needs rather than her twins, and when the time came, she almost cheerfully handed them over. The other young mother chose at the last minute to parent her baby daughter.

The show pointed out a mind set that is boggling to me, and no doubt a product of a society that has been killing it's own children for 40 years now. Over 55 million children have been murdered through abortion in this country. FIFTY FIVE MILLION! How have we fallen so far that so many people feel that it is perfectly acceptable, even good and right, to kill an unborn baby?! How did we get here, after our fore fathers fought for freedom for England and our ancestors fought for freedom from slavery, and even the women in this country fought for freedom to vote and own property. After all that fighting, how is it possible that we can look at innocent children and take away their rights, freedom and lives? We have worked so hard to ensure that so many are free and have rights, yet we destroy the most innocent among us?

I have often begged for understanding with this. Abortion is not something I can wrap my head around. I have compassion for the women who feel trapped, who don't have anyone to lean on. I really do. I WANT to be the person they lean on! What I don't understand, and never will, is the militant way so many defend abortion. They are so fast to call the baby - who by the way - has been proven scientifically, not religiously, to be an actual human being from the moment of conception - a tumor that needs to be removed, or a growth, or something less than human. Why do they turn a blind eye, self rightiously, to the fact that a woman doesn't just become pregnant through some mysterious source? A baby does not appear as a cancer, she must act, make a choice for that child to come into being. Why do they seem to forget this? You are pro-choice? Good - I encourage you to make the choice NOT to have sex and therefore not become pregnant. Oh, I forgot, they are not calling it "pro-choice" anymore. I forget why - not a strong enough message or something.

My point with all of this was to demonstrate what 40 years of Roe v. Wade has done to our nation. Our society used to treasure children. We knew how precious they are. Now, children are regularly veiwed as a burden. Babies are gifts, people. The best, most wonderous gift. Please, open your hearts to them. Love the ones Our Lord chooses to bless you with, however they come to you. Encourage your own children and the ones you have influence with to love children, to protect them, to find delight in them.

I pray that one day soon, we will all be celebrating when this country finally recognizes the travesty that has been occurring for the last 40 years and puts an end to it. Pray this is the last anniversary Roe ever sees.

And finally, if you are experiencing a crisis pregnancy - reach out to me, I can help. Or a pregnancy center, or your church. Just ask for help. There are so very many people waiting to help you - no matter if you want to raise your baby, or place your baby for adoption. You are not trapped, you are not alone, you and your child, are loved not just by God, but by many.

"It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish." - Blessed Teresa of Calcutta


  1. My heart aches on this awful, awful "anniversary" -- who would those millions have become? We will never know. It's a selfish way to go, to kill a child in the womb because it wasn't planned or wanted. So sad :(


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