Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I often wonder what family means to other people. I know they come in all shapes and sizes, and that people have their own definitions of what makes a family. What I am talking about is how you are family with your family, if you know what I mean. Are you family in name only? Do you go the extra mile? Do you forgive hurts and move past your issues with other members?

It's no secret that I love my family. My husband teases me that I love my family of origin even more than I love him. He knows how I really feel, he is the other half of my heart. He is my home, my life. My family of origin, my parents and brother and sisters? I love them, too. They make up a huge part of my life, my heart, my prayers. I would absolutely do anything in my power for any of them. And they would for me. They have. They have taken care of my children when one was sick, helped us move, and all the little things that come with being family, too.

My sister and I often butt heads. I don't know if that is because we are too alike, or too different. I suspect it is because we are often alike. We butt heads. We irritate each other. But, no matter what happens, not matter how irritated or angry we might get, we always make an effort to put it all back together. We make sure we smooth things over. We never, ever let it go on long. Why do we make this effort? Because we are sisters. We are a family. I don't care what happens, she will always be my sister.

I recognize that we were blessed to be a rather verbal family, and as such were probably given some skills to work things out. My dad taught us how to be diplomatic, reasonable, yet passionate. My mom always said to treasure your sisters and brother. She taught us to stick up for each other, no matter what. Sometimes that means even to yourself.

Family means putting yourself, your wants, issues and needs aside for the good of others. Family means making that extra effort, no matter what wrong has been done. Family is more important than slights, insulted egos, and even, broken hearts. Sometimes, family will be all you have in the world. Hang on to it. Cherish it. Make them more important than yourself.


  1. This just makes me want to start singing: "We are fam-i-ly.....I got all my sister with me!" :) hehee...seriously, I know what you mean! My not having a sister (nor Jamie, the poor girl!) adds a different dimension to our lives for sure. It makes us yearn to bond more with other women, I think. You know how undiluted our testosterone saturated home is! In the end, we all have squabbles with our siblings -- it's life, it's the ability to forgive and forget and love and grow. We are all a work in progress...but that we are making progress, says a lot on behalf of our weak natures. You are an honest pondering soul! God bless, xoxoxo

    1. I don't know if Dana or Stacy would like me to admit this in a semi-public forum, but we used to have a dance routine to that song! And poor Geoff, we used to make him dance with us, too.

      Ah - the family stuff - I know it's hard, but I get frustrated when people give up or refuse to try. You hear people say "I haven't spoken to my sister in years, I can't even remember what we were fighting about." - That makes me feel ill, and so, so sad.

  2. I have an aunt who won't talk to another aunt- and I know if my grandmother (their mother) were alive, she would throw a FIT. When I found out, all I could think to say was "That's shameful." 'Cause it is. Sisters living in practically the same city, one refusing to speak to the other. The eldest, for the record, continues to try...inviting the younger one to family events, etc. but *sigh*, the stubborn younger one simply won't give in. It really breaks my heart that there's this rift between two amazing people. I guess all I can do is pray at this point....

    1. That's so sad. We have a similar family issue going on. One sister who has shut out a brother, so he has shut her out as well, all over a stupid facebook incident. Now, I likes me my social media, but I would NEVER let facebook rob me of a sibling. No way, no how. I think I would find a way to make it right. Frustrating. I think you are right... the only thing to do is to pray God softens their hearts...


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