Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The End of The School Year, and Other Matters...

I am so not the prolific blogger of late. I have a number of things I have wanted to blog about, but they are hot topics, and I just feel that others say it better sometimes, so why repeat?
For instance, the older I get, the more I hear about this so called "War on Women" the more I am convinced that the Sexual Revolution did far more harm than good. I mean, what was so wrong with the way it was? In my opinion, the Sexual Revolution was the war on women. We had it good, ladies. Really. In most cases, the husband went out into the world, earned money, did the whole protector, hunter/gatherer thing. Women stayed at home with their children, raised them up the best they could. It was a partnership. Women did certain jobs in exchange for the care, provision and protection of their husbands. In exchange they raised the children, cooked the meals and cared for the home. Ahhh. I could go on and on. So many others have. But. It boils down to a systemic problem we are now faced with...the SR lead the way for so many things. Widespread use of birth control, turning women into toys, men into boys. Which lead to widespread abortion. The killing of the innocent inconveniences so that no one had to face any consequences. The direct lack of responsibility for one's actions, the demise of respect of men for women and vice versa, the end of the traditional family for MOST of America. So many homes without a father. So many families with one mom and many fathers, most of them absent. So many divorces, so many abortions. Our nation has lost 50 million people in the last 37 years  - all to abortion. We are losing civility at a rapid rate, in my opinion largely because parents do not parent. They are too busy working or doing other things. This is weighing on my mind, but you've heard it all before, better written and much more articulate, I am sure.

We are nearing the end of the school year. I am wanting to just rush, rush, rush to completion so we can veg out for a while. We've had so many computer problems lately. So many tech issues. I just want to be done with it all for a while. I wanna play! I want just time to hang out with them, read some good books that we actually want to read, and just spend some time together. I have some younger kiddos that need fine tuning with religion, learning the rosary, and some other things I have been pushing to the side, in my rush everyday to just get through. We have re-enrolled for next year in our e-school, OHVA, and I am glad that the decision part is over. The five bigger students will do that next year, and little Benjamin will be in kindergarten, and we will stick, for the first two years, we have decided, with Mother of Divine Grace. I am still contemplating taking Luke out of OHVA and just doing MODG with him, as well. He responds so much better to the phonics and things laid out by MODG than he does with just the basics at OHVA. So, still thinking that one out.

We are most likely going to be putting our house up for sale. We are in an area of the country that is seeing a little boom due to oil and other natural resources. Lots of new folks in town, looking for housing. I think this might be just the opportunity we have been waiting for to move closer to work. We decided we would much rather put more money a house than in a gas tank! So, we have started the process of getting approved for a mortgage and finding a home. Getting this house ready may take a bit of doing. It all needs to be painted, scrubbed and just cleaned up. So much STUFFFFF everywhere! So, I am going to use it as a reason to PURGE big time! I can't wait. I am a natural purger, but my sweet Douglas is a pack rat. We'll let you know who wins!

Lastly, we have been waiting a long time to share this news, mostly because I was scared. We are expecting a baby in September. We've only told close friends and immediate family. It was hard last time having to tell our entire church, and people on facebook, and have people asking occasionally still, as they babies were due to be born at the end of March. I just didn't want to have to deal with all that if something happened. I of course know that nothing is a guarantee, and we have learned the hard way that a pregnancy doesn't always mean you get a baby - sometimes heaven does. But, since we are past the 18 week mark, and will hopefully soon be finding out who this lil one is, I thought it was a good time to spill the beans.

Every time we announce a new pregnancy we get mixed reviews - some are happy for us, my sisters and friends from church. My sweet cousin Suzy. Everyone else just sort of regards us like we are a little nuts. And that's okay. I know some people worry. I know others think we are insane. I happened to mention it the other day to someone who suggested I try a new wine he had gotten for my brother. I had been wanting to sample it. When I told him I would have to wait, as we were expecting, he just rolled his eyes and sighed. He didn't even hide it, as if I shared his exasperation. Believe me when I say I am ECSTATIC! We are so excited, and happy. And relieved and thrilled. And excited. Yes, I know my husband will be 50 this year. Yes, I know I am 41. I know we already have nine. I know that we have bills and troubles and everything else that comes from being a family. BUT, this baby is a gift. Each one of them has been a gift. I am praying for a healthy, happy baby. If that baby happens to be a girl, I think I will be delirious with joy, but if it is a boy, I will laugh, and still be over the moon.

And on the house front? Nothing new, we are still waiting on Father. I have asked three times now. I know he's busy, but how many times do you think is polite to ask before you ask someone else? I really, really want the house blessed. We'll see. I kind of think whatever is here has more to do with us than the house itself. I don't know why, or have an explanation, but it seems so to me. But, what do I know? We have been praying the St. Michael prayer, along with other prayers. We sprinkled the salt, and I have put a scapular under Kolbe's mattress. His is the only new development, and I am not sure it actually is anything. He reported the other day feeling as though someone was pushing him in his bed. That night, he fell out of his bed at 3am. Later, at 4:40am he woke me, saying he had had a very bad nightmare. I don't know that the nightmare is relevant, as it seems to be something he saw on a museum show on tv, mixed with a scary scene of an old lady sitting on the back porch on the second floor of our house. Not sure what to make of all of that. He wears a scapular as a habit, always has, and has added his crusafix. He had only taken that off because they were getting tangled up, the chain and the scapular.

So, that's the news from the Jeffery household. What's new with you?


  1. You are a awesome writer Mrs. Megan! ...love hearing your thoughts on women and mothers and family...and life. You have goals and dreams and all are noble and good. I admire that so much!

    Ok, poor Kolbe! God bless him and I think "polite" asking is over ...you might need to get another priest there...Praying for you on this one.

    1. Oh Denise, you are too nice. I am glad to have a blog to spill all those thoughts into, though. They drive me a lil crazy otherwise!Reading Bernard Nathanson's autobiography right now. Stuff nightmares are made of, but I am finally to the good part, where he turns pro-life. Whew!
      And my Kolbe - yes, I am not sure what to make of all of this...I am very much still hedging around in my head with the whole "Well, that's odd!" feeling. I am thinking about asking Fr. John from Little Flower. He has blessed two houses in the past for this reason, and with reported improvement in the house. So, if I don't hear back from Fr. soon, I will do that. See you Friday!

  2. So excited about your baby news! My husband's youngest sister was born when his mom was 41...maybe 42, and she is a glorious, wonderful person. Can you imagine if they had just decided they were "too old" to have another? No way! Congratulations!!!

    1. Thanks Dweej, we are excited. Two more weeks until our 20 week US. Starting to get little bumps and pokes. I love this baby thing so much, it's gonna be hard to give it up. And Denise up there had a baby at about this age, too, so I know I can do it!
      Have you picked a name for your little one yet? Girl names are so hard for us!

  3. God bless your babe in the womb! COngratulations!

    MODG is a wonderful program, flexible and supportive. There are yahoogroups under MODGFamilies and DYOCC filled with helpful moms as well as a FB group, too.

    Good luck and prayers with everything.

    1. Thank you for the congratulations, it is appreciated! And yes, MODG is the best. We used it for about 10 years, before switching to an online school. We only switched because with so many students, I needed someone to answer to, something that was more laid out, just so I didn't have to do it, and something that did the majority of grading. But, MODG is just too lovely to not use for kindergarten and 1st grade. My soon to be 10th grader is very self motivated, and we contemplated using it for her next year, but she decided she would rather stick with what she knows she will complete. She feels she needs someone to answer to, as well!
      Thank you so much for your prayers!


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