Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bullying and Scare Tactics ...

 I received the following email this morning. I subscribe to's email so I can see what the other side is saying. This, basically says,  "Hey, look, we were able to bully Susan G. Komen enough to get them to reverse their funding decision. Let's keep bullying, scaring, threatening until we make sure we get what we want from anyone who tries what they tried!"

 They go so far as to claim that Planned Parenthood was under attack by this change! Since when is a change in a charity's funding an attack? Besides that, Komen only gave around $600,000 a year - less than 1/20th of a percent o fit's annual budget. So you know what this is saying to anyone else who funds PP? " DON'T YOU DARE EVER CONSIDER DEFUNDING OR WE WILL COME AFTER YOU, TOO. We will harass, bully and exploit the situation until we get what we want. We'll sic the media and all Planned Parenthood's uninformed or conscienceless supporters on you. You will be sorry you every crossed us."
My suggestion? Don't get in bed with the devil to begin with - he will make you pay, and pay you will, or you will see the demise of your organization. The fact FACT that PP doesn't provide mammograms for some reason doesn't resonate with these people. Komen intended to make grants directly to mammogram providers, rather than paying the middle man, PP. They thought that would be a better use of their funds, and so it would. I am sure charities and other organizations and businesses change their grant processes all the time, and never hear a whole lot about it, let alone all the national new fuss over $600,000. So ridiculous. It's a drop in the bucket for either of those organizations. And see below where they reference ACORN? I am laughing my head off that they want to set ACORN, one of the most corrupt organizations, so corrupt infact, that they blew themselves up and no longer are able to function cohesively, because they broke so many laws, are under investigation, and is run by crooks. Wait, are we talking about ACORN, or Planned Parenthood?

Dear MoveOn member,
Did you hear Susan G. Komen for the Cure's announcement yesterday? There's good news and bad news.
The good news is that Susan G. Komen for the Cure announced that they are reversing their decision to ban grants to organizations under politically-motivated investigation.1 This shows the power we have to create change—Komen backed down quickly because hundreds of thousands of people immediately stood up for Planned Parenthood, with petitions and phone calls, and on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs.2
The bad news is that it's not yet clear that they will continue funding Planned Parenthood beyond this year. In fact, a Komen board member said yesterday that Komen refuses to commit to funding breast screening and mammogram referrals at Planned Parenthood in future grant cycles.3 And the anti-choice, anti-gay vice president they recently hired, Karen Handel—whom many believe drove the push to stop funding Planned Parenthood—is still a top organizational leader.4
We can't let Komen sweep their problems under the rug with this announcement.
Will you sign the petition to the Komen foundation demanding they commit to continue funding Planned Parenthood?
We're joining with a new organization, UltraViolet, to deliver the petition to the Susan G. Komen foundation headquarters in Dallas on Tuesday, and we need as many signatures as we can get before then.
What has happened in the past four days is truly remarkable. Not only have we moved Komen in the right direction, but we made it clear: if you attack Planned Parenthood's services for women's health care, we will fight back.
The radical right has been trying to damage Planned Parenthood using the same methods that were used to take down ACORN, both groups with long legacies of providing crucial services directly to communities in need.
That's why it was so important that we stood up for Planned Parenthood when the Komen foundation and the radical right tried to use a politically-motivated investigation as an excuse to cut off funding. And that's why we'll keep the pressure on until the Susan G. Komen foundation promises to fully continue to fund breast health services through Planned Parenthood. (They only provide information on self breast exams, and referrals!)
Will you sign the petition right now? (NO!)
We need to show that there are hundreds of thousands of us standing behind Planned Parenthood when we deliver it to the Komen headquarters on Tuesday. (Okay Pro-Lifers, Komen needs to know there are MORE of us wanting to do what is truly best for women. Planned Parenthood NEVER wants what is truly the best - they want to sell more abortions.)
Thanks for all you do.
–Elena, Wes, Robin, Joan, and the rest of the team


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    1. Beverly,
      Disagreeing with facts does not make them any less true.

  2. Why in the world shouldn't Komen be allowed to choose who they fund or don't fund? It's their money. Especially if PP doesn't really do anything that helps their cause. People that support PP in this are obviously more interested in their political agenda than in preventing breast cancer.

  3. Komen can choose and did choose. So can women decide whom they will donate to. Komen reversed their decision because they realized that if they wanted to continue being in good standing with the women who support them they should serve those women. I think that they may have already shown their true colors and will have a hard time getting back that support. And you're right PP is interested in their political agenda because women who fought and won the right of controlling their own bodies are now in great jeopardy of losing that. I don't care what you believe, just don't put your beliefs on me and restrict my reproductive freedom because you don't want it for yourself.

  4. beverly,
    Killing unborn babies is not "controlling their own bodies." Unborn children have DNA that is different from the mother's thereby making them separate people with the same right to life as the "mother" who is so willing to kill him/her.
    It makes no sense for Komen to give money to PP. PP does not provide breast health screening at all. PP doles out "birth control" pills and pushes abortion. Both "birth control" and abortion increase the risk of breast cancer. Komen is supposed to be about a cure for breast cancer. Giving money to an organization that by the nature of its business increases women's risk of breast cancer is illogical.

  5. I believe that unborn children have a right to life. I believe in reproductive rights. You have the right to not have sex if you are not prepared for a child. (And please, don't agrue the 1/10th of 1% rape/incest/health of the mother, let's just focus on the 99.9% that result in over a MILLION ABORTIONS a year - that's just being foolish, reckless, and irresponsible)If you are not Catholic, most believe you can use a barrier method if you are married and don't want to become pregnant (though I personally don't believe in this). BUT, once you are pregnant, your choice is no longer about just you.
    No one thinks Komen had some mystical enlightenment about abortion. They were trying to allocate funds WHERE THEY WOULD DO THE MOST FOR THEIR CAUSE. Why pay PP, a middle man, for referrals?All PP does is hand out pamphlets on self breast exams and refer for mammograms. THEY DON"T DO MAMMOGRAMS. So, why on earth does the world care that they are changing their grant process? (Which, as we have come to see, does NOT mean that PP will get any money from Komen beyond the existing grants that run through 3-2013.) Honestly, the world only cares about the measly $600k because Planned Parenthood raised a huge stink. Whining, carrying on, and finally attempting to bully Komen into a reversal, which most of the world thinks they got, but if you read between the lines, they never say they will refund PP. They merely say that PP can reapply if they are not under criminal investigation, which PP ALWAYS, because of constant and continuing criminal activities, such as providing bith control and abortions to underage girls. Not reporting suspected abuse of girls, misappropriating funds and much more. Beverly, I suggest you do some good, open eyed, open hearted research into Planned Parenthood. They are not who you think they are. I have been studying them and their tactics since I was in high school. They are a scary organization. Highly successful, but scary as can be.

  6. Well I stepped in it and asked for it when I placed my post on this site. And let me say, this is not a blog I look at often and will probably avoid from now on as it is diametrically opposed to all I believe in and this is not my place. Thank you DoM for allowing me to express my opinion in your comments even though I was disagreeing with you. I suspect, that like me, you are a very nice lady. I found my way here through a comment you made on someone else's blog and I know from your comments that we do have some things in common. It would be useless to argue here and so I won't. Just as I would like you and your commenters to see in shades of gray rather than exclusively in black and white, and your version of black and white at that. I doubt that is possible. I strongly believe that while abortion is never the desired outcome of a
    pregnancy, I do know that I, my daughter, and all my sisters the world over have the right to make that choice for themselves. Because it is not an option for you is fine, is wonderful even. That you would actively make that decision for someone else is unconscionable.

  7. Beverly, I would never delete the comments of someone who has respectfully stated their case, as you have. I guess we will have to agree to disagree. I do see the abortion issue in black and white. I am so very certain in that little baby's right to live. I think that 9 months is not too much to ask, so that another may live. I know there are difficult circumstances, if you have read my posts much, you know that my first daughter was a teen pregnancy. But, I also know that women deserve so very much better than abortion. Prolife folks are in it for the FAMILY, mother, child, father. We want no broken hearts, no broken bodies, no broken lives. That's why we fight, because we have seen the aftermath. The loss, the hurt and the anger caused by abortion. We just know and believe, that women deserve so much better.
    I don't know you, but you mentioned you are a mom. I think if your daughter came to you, and you knew how devastating abortion is, versus the challenges associated with raising a child, or giving a child to a loving couple, perhaps you would want her to choose the option that would be the easiest on her heart, not just the easiest solution. Giving birth to the baby leaves no regrets. Killing the unborn surely will.
    Thank you for recognizing that we all have something to offer to the conversation. I would love to be able to sit down and really find out why so many women believe in abortion. I have yet to find someone who could talk about it calmly without getting angry or defensive. I know several women who have had abortions, but they all say they would never make that choice had they known the aftermath. One, infertility. The others, heartbreak. But I want to understand, because like you said, I do see it as black and white/life and death. I can picture how trapped and desperate a mother might feel, but my mind can't go to where so many women's minds go, that the only option is death for their child. I think for the most part, they choose to believe the lie that their child is not a baby. They don't let themselves acknowledge that life, because if they did, they would never choose abortion. Just as any mother will fight tooth and nail for her children, I think those mothers would fight for their unborn babies, if they just let themselves. Blessings to you, thank you for the discourse.

  8. It's not too early for a Valentine! Check out my "Liebster" blog post - I picked you!


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