Friday, January 6, 2012

Benjamin and His Bathtime Narration

 Benji is equal parts pure love and pure terror. Well, not equal parts. He is about 85% pure love, but that 15% of terror is potent, people. Most of the time, he absolutely slays me with his constant chatter, the over use of my name, and some of the things you never expect to hear come out of your child's mouth.

Benjamin's (4) narration of our bedtime bath and jammie time:
Mom! The baby is drinking butt water!
Mom! 'Tend this is a pool, 'tay, Mom?
Mom! I am doe-ing deep sea diving, 'tay, Mom?
Mom! Are you donna swim wif us?
Mom! The baby is spilling all the water in my ocean!
Mom! Luke is hogging up my whole pool over here!
Mom! When you wash me on the back you hurt my fur!
Mom, I fluffed, did you see my bubbles?
Mom! I hate wotion! Wait, is it sumscreem? I wove sumscreem, so I don't get burnt, do I?
Mom, I love tissing (kissing), do I?
Mom, you love tissing, too, wight?
Mom, we are so in wove, are we?
Mom! Tag!
Thanks, Mom, I don't wike the tag, do I? It hurts my fur. But I wike my dinosaur jammies, they have dinosaurs all wover, do they?
Mom, will you brush my teef and wead stories and say prayers and snuggle wif us? And play the sleeping game?

Because, of course, this routine isn't the same every single night, or anything...How will I ever survive without wee ones in the house? I will miss this so very, very much!


  1. Good gracious he's cute. And from what I can tell the pure love percentage increases and the terror part decreases the older he gets. Oh - and he is totally smiling a Lauren smile in that picture!

  2. Yeah, they remind me of each other SO much! Both so wacky - silly - crazy. And Squish is such a love bug - Benny is a love bug with me and his dad, and now Kolbe and Jenna - he is def. getting better the older he gets!

  3. I do have one question. Fur???? Thanks for the great post.

  4. Benjamin us really fuzzy. Hairy, actually. He has those swirls of baby fuzz on his back, between his shoulder blades and at the small of his back. It's so funny because there is a lot of it. So we tell him he is furry. Well, little kids are very literal! Tags and clothes and whatever often bother him, so he will tell me it hurts his fur!


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