Thursday, November 7, 2013

Trying To Get Back To This Place...

Peegers aka Princess Leia and her Da...
I think about this little blog all the time. I miss it so much...posts flit in and out of my brain all the time. I never have hands free to jot them down, or I am in the middle of school, or work, or nursing or cooking...but I miss it.

I recently decided to post to Facebook something I am thankful for every day this month, which has of course jogged my brain even more.

  I know I have said it before, and I have wanted to get back to this before, but I am really hoping I can do days are so short and my to-do lists so long...I wouldn't trade any of the things on my to-do list though. Well, maybe the laundry. And teaching kids to read. I am HORRIBLE at teaching kids to read. My brain can't understand why their little brains don't already know how to do it...I lose patience. Anyway...

One of the things I spend so much time on these days is soaking, absorbing and just relishing my sweet baby. I always, always soak up my babies. It is an intentional thing for me. I will never be one to wish away babyhood for sleep's sake or for less work or trouble.  I don't want to miss anything, so I hold, I rock, I nurse. With Miss Priscilla Grace I have been even more aware that this could possibly be the last baby I ever have, so that kiss spot under her chin gets lots of kisses. I take time to kiss that sweet face and breathe in her sweet baby breath. She is so full of spunk and sass, but is so lovey and sweet. She especially loves hugging her brothers. She wraps those little arms around their necks and pats them on the back or head...she is full of love and ready to dole it out to anyone who smiles her way. I am loving every. single. second.

Another is my Yeb. He is such a little weirdo. He had a pretty severe regression after Priscilla was born. He really didn't talk much, and when he did it was total baby talk. He cried a lot and general wanted to be treated like a baby... to the point where we were considering having him tested. I mean, it was BAD. It took most of a year to get him to a point with lots of love and attention and a pretty strict insistence that he act his age to get him turned around. This of course, happened right after I filmed a segment for Dr. Ray's show about how I have never seen an older sibling actually regress after the birth of a new baby. As far as I know that segment never aired - THANK GOD!
While the regression isn't as bad anymore, he's still pretty weird. He has a foot fetish, probably born of the fuss I make over his still cute feet. If you come over, don't take your shoes off, or you will have a Yeb trying to give you a foot massage, or just trying to cuddle them. When he's not cuddling feet or pretending to be a Jedi, or showing you his "sweet dance moves", he is almost normal, at least, for one of our kids.

With these two rather high maintenance characters, plus another half dozen or so, time has been in limited quantities for me lately. There is never enough time for anything, but honestly, I feel like we are doing the most important things; hugging babies, playing with kids, reading stories, doing school, making meals, and basically being together. So what if clean underwear is hard to come by and the upstairs bathroom still needs to be painted 6 months after the remodel?

We'll get there, eventually. In the meantime, you can find me sitting with my baby, holding her while she sleeps, nursing and admiring the length of her lashes and the slope of her nose.

Because I am lazy, but would like to share so pics of all the people who like, still live here and stuff...

Fall Fun...Yes, The Force is strong with us...and whatever... I love every second of these wackos, too.



  1. Great photos! they are Yeb in the Star Wars costume!! Great to read a blog post from you....hope you can post more, but I know life calls!

  2. It's all craziness! I know I don't write on my blog as often as I want to either, but who can blame you with such a sweetie to snuggle?

  3. I have a food blog but I never updated it anymore because I become a parent to my son three years ago. As for the reading habit, I teach my son to read the alphabets and count numbers in a children's book. My son gave me signals that he likes learning on how to read a book whenever he brings one to me and have me read it for him.

  4. I know you don't have a lot of time Megan, but I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogging Award anyway! Just for fun :) You can read about at my link: I would understand if you don't participate -- God bless,

  5. I think you need to read my books! Will pray for you and remember this: Anything worth doing, is worth doing badly. GK Chesterton
    Consider CPR. Even if done badly, it is better than they alternative. love to you.


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