Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is There Anything Better in the World?

Is there anything on this earth better than happy, healthy sun drenched children? Little hands grimy with sand, and small faces sticky with kool aid? Maybe when the faces of your children are joined by their cousins. I am so happy my kids are being given the chance to grow up with their cousins. I think cousins are a special kind of sibling. Just like brothers and sisters, but sometimes, even better! The sweet camaradarie that belongs to children is deepened by a shared history. Brothers and sisters are often friends, or grow up to be. Quite often it takes the growing up part, but cousins seem to just love one another. Most of the rivalry seems to dissipate when it comes to cousins, with the possible exception of toddler age-mates. Then it is fierce!

We have just a few of the cousins staying here for most of the week to attend VBS with my kids. It's been a little hectic, but the kids are loving being together. My big boys are wishing for the other big boy cousins, who are at home, but the littles are having a great time!
Soon, most of us will be off on another adventure, with even more cousins, when we go to Assateague next week for our annual Karcher family camping trip. I love seeing my cousins, and watching my children bond with them, and their children. It's a special place, and a really special time. I can't wait, and I know the kids can't either!

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  1. Wow, Megan, you have a house full! I thought I was nutty with TWO!!! Oh, I have soooo much respect for you my friend! How DO you do it? I also see you are picking up followers!!! You go girl! See, I told you if you hang in there you would soar! I STILL think you should write a book. I think it would be a best seller! You can write it in all your SPARE TIME!! hahahah! Take care Megan! Shannon


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