Monday, December 14, 2009

Hey Mama, is Santa Really Real?

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love all the excitement of my children preparing for Advent, counting down the days until Christmas. Because we homeschool, most of our kids retain thier belief in Santa a little longer than other children tend to, and my seven year old, Kolbe is no different. This boy is very smart, and a skeptic to boot, but he has the biggest imagination in the world. He also has a very tender heart, so when he gets his heart broken, it takes a while to heal.

We were very fortunate to be able to take a ride on the Polar Express this year. Kolbe was so excited, he asked every day how many more days until we rode the Polar Express. I was a little worried that he would build it up so much in his mind that he would be disappointed, and I was right. The train ride was fun, and perfect for the 3 to maybe 6 year old set. Seven is pushing it, just because they are getting too darn smart! Well, the minute Santa got on the train, Kolbe knew something was up, this Santa was very obviously not the "real" Santa! He was crushed! He was really hoping that finally, this would be the time he would meet the real Santa.

I was able to restore some of Kolbe's faith in Santa with an online video that allows you to plug in your child's picture, name, and some other details. He was so amazed, and I was grateful to be able to retain some of that Christmas magic for him.

This little boy is so sweet, and so good. He is a hard nut to crack, he doesn't like hugs and kisses, or saying I love you, but he feels it all. He looks forward to Baby Jesus' birthday, and is the first to remind us that we need to bake a cake to help Jesus celebrate. I never know quite what to make of this kid.

This was his Christmas list: (three presents each, just like Baby Jesus)
1. A microscope
2. A model of the Solar System
3. A Big Top Cupcake maker

He is such a hoot! When he grows up, he wants to be a priest who travels around the world and cooks. I really, really love this kid. He is a cool kid! Did I mention he is completely and totally obsessed with Michael Jackson? He was even MJ for Halloween! If you knew Kolbe, you'd understand how funny this is. This kid is stoic. He is serious. The fact that he likes Michael Jackson just doesn't jibe with the rest of his personality! The fact that no one else is allowed to sing MJ songs does, though! When he plays his music, he takes it very seriously! No dancing or singing along allowed!
Kolbe is really into science and nature, as well as cooking. I cannot wait to see what he is like when he grows up, I just hope he takes his sweet time doing it, because I am totally getting a kick out of wathcing this kid grow up! I love you, Kolbe, you are for sure the coolest kids I know!

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