Monday, February 8, 2010

Our Winter Wonderland

I should be doing school right now. We should be in the middle of science with Jonah and Jenna while Kolbe works on poetry and Kenzie reads by herself. But, my Kolbe woke up this morning, bursting to get outside into all that that sparkling snow. He and Jonah and Jenna hatched a plan last night to build an igloo. They were going to build tunnels under the snow and create thier own snowy castle. Kolbe started bugging me first thing this morning. 'Can I go out now? How about now? Has it warmed up enough yet?"  I never let them go out if it is too, too cold, so I made him wait until it had warmed up to 15 degrees.
They are all out there, with Luke and Ben, digging away, making bricks, and creating thier own little world. I know there are more 'important' things they should be doing, but the snow beckoned, and I let them go.
We live in Ohio, and it is not terrribly often that we get so much snow all at once. We tend to get a little snow often, and a lot of snow once in a while. So, for this afternoon, I am going to let them learn about science in the snow, architecture in their own building plans, and about taking the moments when they are offered, especially when it comes in a beautiful, cold, sparkly afternoon just waiting for little imaginations to fulfill them.
So, while we should be doing school, or independent reading, or chores, one of the reasons we homeschool is so we can take advantage of these simple pleasures God offers every so often.

There will be plenty of time for all of those things after I get them back inside, give them some hot chocolate, as that is a requirement after an afternoon in the snow! These kids are so much fun, and while I am not wanting to be one of those mommy bloggers where everything is sunshine and snowmen, today, that's just what we are... and I am incredibly grateful.

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